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如果您在本網站訂購產品,凡收到貨物後發現以下情形的,可以在簽收之日起的14天內無條件退換貨: 1.收到貨物時即發現產品破損; 2.與顧客在網站上訂購的產品不同; 3.收到貨物時即發現產品已過期; 凡出現上述情形,我們將退還相應的貨款並承擔因退換貨而產生的運費。 If you order products on this website and find the following situations after receiving the goods, you can return or exchange the goods unconditionally within 14 days from the date of receipt: 1. The product is damaged when received; 2. Different from the product ordered by the customer on the website; 3. The product has expired when received; In the above cases, we will refund the corresponding payment and bear the shipping costs incurred due to the return or exchange of goods.