Sunki 生肌

生肌何首烏洗髮露 / Sunki Soapberry Shampoo with Polygonum

容量 Capacity



- 強化頭皮及髮絲自禦力 - 改善油性髮質和脫髮問題 - 舒緩敏感性頭部皮膚,跟頭屑說再見 - 天然抗真菌,有效去除異味 - 回復秀髮之彈性、光澤和柔軟度 - 潔淨而不乾燥,有助控制頭皮油份 - 改善秀髮折斷及開叉問題 - 改善白髮問題 - 油性、中性、乾性髮質均適合使用 - 性質溫和不刺激 * 採用低敏感天然植物配方 - Strengthen scalp and hair self-defense ability - Improve oily hair and hair loss problems - Soothe sensitive scalp and say goodbye to dandruff - Naturally anti-fungal, effectively remove odor - Restore hair elasticity, shine, and softness - Cleanse without drying, helping to control scalp oil - Improve hair breakage and split ends - Improve white hair problem - Suitable for oily, neutral, and dry hair types - Gentle and non-irritating * Using a low-sensitivity natural plant formula






無患子萃取液含有皂素、皂苷、芸香苷等成分,可以清潔頭皮和頭髮,去除油脂和污垢,同時保持頭髮的水分和彈性 。何首烏萃取液是一種中草藥,可以滋養血液和髮根,促進黑色素的生成,使頭髮更加烏黑亮澤,改善白髮和脫髮的問題 。兩種萃取液都富含維生素C和其他抗氧化物質,可以抵抗紫外線和環境污染對頭髮的傷害,增強頭髮的光澤和強度 。



Specifications: 220ml
Weight: 265g
Dimensions (LxWxH): 67x67x155mm

Specifications: 1200ml
Weight: 1225g
Dimensions (LxWxH): 145x70x254mm

Soapberry extract contains saponins, sapogenins, and rutin, which can clean the scalp and hair, remove grease and dirt while maintaining the moisture and elasticity of the hair. He Shou Wu extract is a Chinese herbal medicine that can nourish blood and hair roots, promote the production of melanin, make hair blacker and shinier, and improve white hair and hair loss problems. Both extracts are rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants, which can resist UV and environmental pollution damage to hair, enhance hair luster and strength.

Main ingredients: Purified water, Soapberry extract, Castor oil, Sage essential oil, Olive oil, Camellia oil, Lavender essential oil, Volcanic mud, Polygonum multiflorum extract, Ginger essential oil, Peppermint oil, Licorice, Organic aloe vera extract, Lemon essential oil, Citrus essential oil, Almond oil, Rosehip oil and Tea tree essential oil.