Sunki 生肌

生肌負離子熱感智能帽 / Sunki Negative Ions Wireless Smart Cap



- 獨家香港專利 - 香港本地原創設計 - 無線設計方便安全 - 舒緩情緒 - 助眠入睡 - 頭痛疲倦 - 提升腦力 - 染髮增效 - 養髮再生 - Exclusive Hong Kong patent - Local original design in Hong Kong - Wireless design for convenience and safety - Soothes emotions - Helps with sleep and insomnia - Relieves headaches and fatigue - Enhances brainpower - Increases hair dyeing efficacy - Nourishes and regenerates hair

Product Details







Weight: 550g
Dimensions (LxWxH): 373x122x263 mm

The world's first wireless mobile device designed heating system. Designed in Germany, using pure carbon fiber technology from Japan, and over 70 years of experience in refining natural plants in Taiwan. "TOEASPEPRO" and "SUNKI" jointly developed local brand products with sincerity to manufacture conscientious products. Obtained multiple patents in different fields and made a breakthrough! It also combines today's technology and natural concepts!

The unique medical-grade rare negative ion coating can release high-density negative ions, with a negative ion coefficient of up to 1,700 to 2,300 ions/cc! Built-in pure carbon fiber from Japan, it releases far-infrared energy to provide warmth, with strong penetration but extremely mild. It can effectively penetrate the blood vessels, nerves, and acupoints in different positions of the head and brain! With advanced pure carbon fiber composite technology, it has the functions of warmth, moisturizing and penetration, effectively stimulating various acupoints on the head to relieve headaches, and maintaining scalp elasticity to promote the growth of internal skin tissues such as collagen in the dermis. Designed in Germany, all components are made of waterproof materials, making it safer and more reassuring to use!

The basic structure of the scalp includes the skin, connective tissue, aponeurosis, and cranial membrane. There are no muscles beneath the scalp, so the texture of the scalp is thicker and harder, especially on the top of the head. Therefore, blood circulation is easily affected and worsened. In addition, while other parts of the body have only one hair per pore, there are usually 1-4 hairs per pore on the head, relying on the microvascular nutrient transport of the human body. Therefore, when the head is exposed to the sun or other stimuli, the hair cannot obtain nutrients smoothly, leading to hair loss, increased dandruff, and even changes in hair color. As age increases, the viscosity of sebum increases and adheres to the scalp. Without regular cleaning of the scalp and hair, the pores will become blocked and oxidized, causing hair loss to become sparse. The scalp is easily affected by internal and external factors and loses its normal functions, so a healthy scalp is a key factor in protecting hair. Since the scalp has no muscles that can move on its own and the head is positioned higher than the heart, poor blood circulation often occurs.

Negative ions can help dilate microvessels, promote blood circulation and improve metabolism. Effectively smoothen the keratin layer and cultivate a healthy scalp, allowing hair to regain its luster! By accelerating the alkalization of blood through negative ions, the metabolism of the scalp becomes active, and the hair follicles can better perform protein synthesis, avoiding premature shrinkage and preventing fungal infections or inflammation.

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