Sunki 生肌

生肌葵花籽面霜 50ml / Sunki Facial Cream with Organic Sunflower Seed



- 提供面部皮膚養分 - 改善炎症 - 極高抗氧化功能 - 滋潤皮膚,保濕防皺 - 提高膠原蛋白的品質和含量 - 改善敏感皮膚 - 減少面部水份流失 - 性質溫和不刺激 - 不分日夜及季節使用 - 可代替眼霜使用而不出粉刺 * 採用低敏感天然植物配方 - Provides facial skin with nutrients - Improves inflammation - Extremely high antioxidant function - Nourishes the skin, hydrates, and prevents wrinkles - Improves the quality and quantity of collagen - Improves sensitive skin - Reduces facial water loss - Gentle and non-irritating - Use day and night and in any season - Can replace eye cream without causing acne * Uses a low-sensitivity natural plant formula

Product Details







Weight: 160g
Dimensions (LxWxH): 59x59x51 mm

Sunflower seed oil and camellia oil contain various highly antioxidant components. Coupled with Coenzyme Q10 penetrating directly into the deeper layers of the skin, it provides long-lasting moisture and activates cells. It quickly smooths out fine lines and wrinkles, restores radiance to dull skin, and increases elasticity. Organic maca helps balance hormones and control facial oil. It can also prevent skin damage caused by UV rays and make the skin look radiant. Rosehip seed oil can lighten pigmentation and achieve a whitening effect, thereby fading melanin until it disappears and restoring brightness to the eye area. It can also provide skin cells with rich nutrients for repair, and can repair scars and smooth uneven pores. Organic lecithin helps form a thin protective layer on the surface of the skin, effectively reducing external stimuli and damage to the skin, and reducing the occurrence of allergic reactions. Lecithin has excellent transdermal absorption effects, which can quickly penetrate the skin's deeper layers and greatly enhance the transdermal absorption rate of various effective ingredients, maximizing their effectiveness.

Main ingredients: Pure water, olive oil, glycerin, camellia oil, rosehip seed oil, shea butter, Coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid, organic Peruvian ginseng root (maca), organic sunflower seed oil, and organic lecithin.

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