Sunki 生肌

生肌無患子果實 / Sunki Raw Soapberry Fruit




「無患子」是一種植物果實,表皮含有大量皂素,是天然的起泡劑,泡沫細緻,性質溫和,不易刺激皮膚,可抵抗真菌感染。 與一般的石油合成洗劑或起泡劑截然不同,無患子的所有物都能夠輕易地分解回歸於大自然,不會對環境做成污染,在製作過程中所剩下來的果皮與肉碎,能夠循環再用,做成有機堆肥,十分環保! “Soapberry” is a plant fruit. The skin contains a lot of saponin, which is a natural foaming agent. The foam is delicate and mild in nature, and is not easy to irritate the skin. It can resist fungal infections. Unlike ordinary petroleum-based synthetic detergents or foaming agents, all the materials of soapberry can be easily decomposed and returned to nature without polluting the environment. The remaining fruit skin and minced meat in the production process can be recycled and made into organic compost, which is very environmentally friendly!

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1.  將6-8粒無患果籽裝入附贈棉袋,束緊袋口;
2. 將整袋與待洗衣物一齊放入洗衣機桶內
3. 完成脫水程序後,再將其與衣物一齊取出
4. 整袋或取出果籽晾曬後供下次使用
5. 每一袋份量可供5-7kg洗衣機使用一次,可重複使用5-6次


Specifications: 300g
Weight: 305g
Dimensions (LxWxH): 258x78x172mm

Specifications: 100g
Weight: 105g
Dimensions (LxWxH): -mm

Usage (for washing machine):

  1. Put 6-8 soapberry seeds into the included cotton bag and tie the bag tightly.
  2. Put the entire bag into the washing machine drum with the clothes to be washed.
  3. After completing the dehydration program, take it out with the clothes.
  4. Dry the entire bag or take out the soapberry seeds for next use.
  5. Each bag can be used once for a 5-7kg washing machine and can be reused 5-6 times.
  6. If there are stubborn stains, please use “Sai Po Sapindus Laundry Soap” to rub and clean before proceeding with the above steps.

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