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世寶無患子果漿洗衣梘 200g / Sai Po Sapindus Laundry Soap



- 有效地清潔衣物,去除污漬和異味 - 對皮膚和環境都很溫和,不會造成過敏或污染 - 節省水和電,因它不需要高溫或大量的水來發揮清潔效果 - 延長衣物的壽命 - 省錢比一般的洗衣皂或粉更便宜,而且用量更少 - Effectively cleans clothes, removes stains and odors - Gentle on skin and the environment, does not cause allergies or pollution - Saves water and electricity, as it does not require high temperatures or large amounts of water to achieve cleaning effects - Extends the life of clothes - Saves money, cheaper than regular laundry soap or powder and uses less

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Weight: 220g
Dimensions (LxWxH): 96x55x41mm

Soapberry is a natural plant-based soap that can be used to clean the body, clothes, utensils, etc. The peel of the soapberry contains saponins, which can break down grease, deeply clean and have antibacterial effects. Soapberry does not contain chemical ingredients, does not pollute the environment and does not irritate the skin. Soapberry is a good choice for an environmentally friendly, safe and effective laundry soap.

Ingredients: Soapberry pulp, glycerin, soap base, water and sandalwood essential oil.

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