TSpro 無線負離子熱感智能帽
TSpro Negative Ions Wireless Smart Cap
Barcode: 0027706875978

Sunki SoapBerry
Sunki SoapBerry
Sunki SoapBerry
  • 獨家香港專利
  • 香港本地原創設計
  • 無線設計方便安全
  • 舒緩情緒
  • 助眠入睡
  • 頭痛疲倦
  • 提升腦力
  • 染髮增效
  • 養髮再生
  • Exclusive patent
  • Local original HK design
  • Convenient and safe (Wireless)
  • Relieve emotions
  • Easy to sleep
  • Relieve Tired and headache
  • Enhance intellectual
  • Make hair coloring efficiency
  • Hair protect and regrowth
  • 全球首個無線移動式裝置設計發熱系統。德國概念設計、日本製純碳纖維技術,以及七十多年台灣天然植物精煉經驗。以真誠製造良心產品,「TOEASPEPRO」及「SUNKI」共同研發本地品牌產品。在不同領域取得多個專利,以及創出先河!更是集合現今科技與天然概念於一身!




    World's first wireless mobile device heating system design. German concept design, Japanese pure carbon fiber technology, and more than 70 years of natural plant refining experience in Taiwan. To create conscience products, "TOEASPEPRO" and "SUNKI" to jointly develop local brand products. Get multiple patents in different fields!

    The unique medical negative ion coating, can release high-density anion, negative ion coefficient up to 1,700 to 2,300ions / cc! Built-in Japanese's pure carbon fiber, it through the far-infrared release warm temperature and strong penetration. Can effectively penetrate the head and brain blood vessels, nerves and acupuncture points in different locations! Advanced pure carbon fiber composite technology to keep warm and moisture function, effectively stimulate the head points to relieve headaches, keep the skin of head elastic so that the inner dermal layer of collagen and other tissue growth. German design, all parts for the waterproof material, the use of safer and more secure!

    The basic structure skin of head includes skin, connective tissue, aponeurosis, and head periosteum. No muscle under the skin, so the skin texture will be thick and hard, especially in the top part of the head, so the blood circulation is easily affected and worsened. In addition, other parts of the body hair growth is one long hair in one hair follicles, but the head's hair have one hair follicles about 1-4 hair, is dependent on the human microvascular transport nutrients, so when the head due to the sun or other stimuli, hair wil unable to obtain nutrients, lead to hair loss, dandruff increase and even hair color may also change. With age, sebum increases the adhesion of the head of skin, such as the absence of regular cleaning of the head's skin and hair, will occlude the pores of the pores, the hair shedding become sparse. Head of skin is easily affected by in vivo and in vitro factors to lose their normal function, so healthy head of skin is an important key to protect the hair. Head muscle cannot be their own activities, coupled with the head position above the heart, it is cause to bad blood circulation.

    Negative Ions can help microvascular dilatation and promote blood circulation and improve metabolism. Effectively heal the cuticle, raise a healthy head of skin, so that the hair back luster! Acceleration of weak alkalinization of blood through negative ions , accelerates the metabolism of the head's skins, enabling the hair follicles to perform better protein synthesis, avoiding early atrophy and preventing mold infection or inflammation.